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This is WAQM C-Quam AM Stereo 1640 Khz The Legacy in Deltaville, VA. We  have a coverage of 1.5-2 miles sometimes further on High End Radios (Click to see 3.5 miles using the Terk AM Advantage Loop Near Water) in all directions (Video 2) (Search TheLegacyRadio channel on Youtube for All Range Videos and Info about The Legacy) from Fishing Bay Road if you use a Magnetic Loop antenna Click Here to see a demo of The Terk AM Advantage ($52 on Ebay Brand NEW).  With a Highly Sensitive Radio like the Sony ICF-P26 (Under $20 at Walmart and Ebay), Tecsun, or Sony SRF-A100 C-Quam AM Stereo Radio with the loop you'll hear us all over Deltaville, VA.  Don't be stuck with an AM static Radio that sounds like your nose is plugged while you talk We transmit state of the art C-Quam AM Stereo.  We recommend a C-Quam Stereo capable receiver like the Sangean HDR-1 or Sony SRF-A100.  See http://amstereo.org for Info. 


This station plays Classic Rock, Progressive Rock like the stations you grew up with from 1967-about 1984 when talented Rock was still on terrestrial Radio. The Legacy (AKA)  A-1 Audio Legacy FM is dedicated towards bringing back Album Rock.  We take requests on our Rockline at 804-450-ROCK (7625 Spell on touchpad) 11AM-8PM unless Family responsibility needs attention.   If our station is causing Bleed Over (covering up other AM Stations or coming in on other Radio Services) please let us know so we can fix the problem ASAP.

To Listen on your Smartphone, Roku, Internet Radio please install the Live365 app.  For Android you search Google Play store and install Live365 FIRST then follow the instructions below

Search Live365 app for A-1 Audio Legacy FM. Scroll Down to listen from your computer's browser using the Listen Link.  Outside USA, Canada, UK listeners will require a VPN to make it look like your in the USA.  Just use a USA server.  There are FREE (With Ads) and paid VPN options.


Don't Depend on other Radio Directories like TuneIn, Radio.net to listen to Internet Radio because TuneIN got sued by the PRO's in the USA for not having a license to deliver Music content even though we are licensed through Live365.  Just like Napster the other directories WILL DIE!!  Live365 is the ONLY Legal Internet Radio source in the USA so please scroll down to the listen Live link to Live365 on your computer to listen.



Live 365 Android App

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Click Here to see how our station works!


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