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This is WAQM AM 1620 Khz The Legacy Hampton, VA Rocking Derby Drive, Magruder Run.  We  have a coverage of 1.5-2 miles sometimes further on High End Radios.   if you use a Magnetic Loop antenna  like The Terk AM Advantage ($52 on Ebay Brand NEW).  With a Highly Sensitive Radio like the Sony ICF-P26 (Under $20 at Walmart and Ebay), Tecsun PL-330 you'll hear us all over the neighborhood and a little further like Wendey's and some businesses down Derby Drive.   High End portable Radios like the XHData D-808 or the Tecsun PL-330 are greatly recommended.

A childish person decided to pull the coax out of the window when maintenance was working on the siding of the apartment and had to lay the antenna down temporarily.  The Land Lord told us to call the Police and make a claim and it should be covered under our insurance but the police refused to really do anything.  So we plan on trying to share it with our Ham antenna when we are not operating or find a stealth antenna that will not draw attention.  We need $1,000 for a NEW  transmitter or one that is better than the Talking House NEW but we have an opportunity to get a Talking Sign for $100 w/ATU that should tune to a CB antenna.  Please Donate what you can so we can spread Great Album Rock via the airwaves.


This station plays Classic Rock, Progressive Rock like the stations you grew up with from 1967-about 1984 when talented Rock was still on terrestrial Radio. WAQM The Legacy is dedicated towards bringing back Album Rock.  We take requests on our Rockline at 804-450-ROCK (7625) Spelled on touchpad.  We are LIVE 11AM-8PM unless Family responsibility needs attention.   

Please Note: our new backup website is http://tinyurl.com/albumrock but since we finally got our Admin again and was able to update the original we will now keep both.

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